New York Adds New States to Travel Quarantine

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo tweeted Tuesday, “If you’re traveling to New York from the following states you must self-quarantine for 14 days:” and it was followed by a list of 19 U.S. states. New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut already put out a joint travel advisory requiring people from 17 states to self-quarantine when entering the so-called tri-state area.The tweet Tuesday confirmed the addition of Delaware, Kansas, and Oklahoma to the list.Under this new quarantine order, individuals entering New York from any of the specified states are required to self-isolate for two weeks. Although the death toll is rising in the United States as a whole, New York reported only 10 COVID-19 deaths Tuesday.”As states around the country experience increasing community spread, New York is taking action to ensure the continued safety of our phased reopening,” Cuomo said. “Our entire response to this pandemic has been by the numbers, and we’ve set metrics for community spread just as we set metrics for everything.”The new self-quarantine rules already had included states such as Florida, Texas, and California, all of which have seen drastic increases in COVID-19 cases.Much of the United States has seen a surge in cases, as efforts to stem the rise fail.The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention hypothesized the death rate could be as high as 160,000 by the end of July.Many states were forced to halt their respective reopenings, shutting down plans to allow the public back into restaurants, bars, and other establishments. 

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