The Infodemic: Coronavirus Only Lives Up to 9 Days on Objects

Fake news about the coronavirus can do real harm. is spotlighting fact-checks from other reliable sources here​.Daily DebunkClaim: The Covid-19 virus cannot survive on an inanimate object for more than nine days.Verdict: CorrectRead the full story at: Africa CheckSocial Media DisinfoWilson Primary School in Phoenix, Arizona, U.S., August 17, 2020. REUTERS/Cheney OrrCirculating on social media: Claim that under the “COVID Act,” school officials in the U.S. can quarantine children with COVID-19 symptoms outside their family home without their parents’ or guardians’ consent.Verdict: FalseRead the full story at: SnopesFactual Reads on CoronavirusCoronavirus Doctors Battle Another Scourge: Misinformation
Physicians say they regularly treat people more inclined to believe what they read on Facebook than what a medical professional tells them.
— New York Times, August 17

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